Course Selection for 2017-2018



To all potential DrJ 2017 Graduates:

1. Access the Award, Bursary, and Scholarship booklet here.

2. Please note an error on page 2 of the booklet directs you to an application form "in section A." This form is now an online and students can access it if they are signed in to their gnspes account. Click here to access that google form. You must complete to be eligible for awards at DR J.

3. Check your email to access a link to all additional forms you may need for outside awards/bursaries. You will need to download, complete and send these as directed in the Awards booklet.

Transcript Request Form

University Visits

French Immersion

Options and Opportunities

IB at Dr John Hugh Gillis Regional High

Learning Centre

School Planning Team

School Psychologist

Youth Health Center

Youth Services Facilitation

Student Services Manager


Community Living Class